Welcome to Fuelled by Adventure!


Hello and Welcome!

My name is Oliver Wheeldon, I am a 22 year old Fine Art student from the University of Leeds. But over the past 4 years I have been an expedition photographer in Antarctica, the Himalayas and the French Alps as well as completing a year abroad living in America.

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During my time living abroad in Arizona I explored as much of the US as possible and returned home the long way round, which allowed me to visit every continent within the same year and I thought it was finally time to start sharing my experiences in writing!

This is very exciting for me and I should be honest, this is actually my 3rd attempt at having a travel blog, however with my now large collection of travel experiences and photos, I believe I can create something truly engaging that people might be interested in following.

This site started as a pitch to my housemate with an equal love for travel, I have been lucky to build a small following on Instagram but when looking at making a career out of it, I had always said I could write about my experiences but I never had evidence of it, so instead of waiting to be in a position where I could be writing for someone, I decided to do it for myself!

To give a quick idea of what to expect, here is a quick look at the places I have been fortunate enough to visit.


Fuelled by Adventure will feature 3 types of posts;

Quick Tips
Small anecdotal stories that lead to travel advice and tips

Longer travel stories that will range from planned expeditions to serendipitous events.

These will be multipage posts functioning more as articles dispensing advice and reviewing elements of the adventure from the accommodation to activities available. 

To begin with there will be fewer Feature posts because I have not previously travelled with this in mind! I have travelled and focussed on capturing the experience with my cameras to share visually rather than assessing experiences to give written feedback which I'm sure you can understand.

I am excited to see where this goes, what I am able to share and who might be interested, so please join me as I develop Fuelled by Adventure!