Why I Love To Travel


What excites me most about travel is the unexpected experiences that shape the adventure. This is a story from Meares Island, right on the western edge of Canada, that illustrates this sentiment perfectly.

This shot was taken from the peak of Lone Cone mountain, where I witnessed one of the most amazing sunrises of my life..


Meares Island is a preserved wilderness next to Tofino, a popular outdoors and surfing destination. The island is owned and ran by the First Nation people, they received funding to build an amazing campsite and hostel which I stayed at later on to recover!


...I had hiked up alone for 3 hours the evening before to catch the sunset, I promptly set up camp and went to bed, choosing between laying in my damp camping gear or be exposed and eaten alive by mosquitos (assuming my preparations were solid and I wasn't going to be eaten for real by a wolf pack).

My goal was a sunrise shot of the islands around Tofino in the golden light with their long shadows streaking across the water. 

However when I awoke I had a totally different view; I was lying atop my own private island in a sea of clouds. The rivers and ocean had disappeared, the shot I planned for was impossible, but I was dealt something so much better and far more memorable. The swirling ocean of cloud cover below me kept everyone underneath in shadow, but above I alone could see the symphony of colours dancing over the peaks in front of me as the sun rose.

I love travel because the wanderlust mindset pushes you to do and see more, which leads to crazy goals and even crazier rewards. If you ever get the chance to see or do something new, take it because you never know what will happen.