Emirates Nature-WWF Turtle Tagging
Working as a content creator in-resident for EN-WWF allowed me to document a lot of their incredibles efforts across the UAE.

Slovenia Travel Inspiration

A short travel film created over 3 days in Slovenia. Designed to showcase the beautiful natural scenery, delicious food and many adventures to be had in Slovenia.

The View from The Shard
I had a great time working with The Shard View team to provide stills for Instagram and this video, I also created a a version of the video at Instagram's optimum video settings which featured on their account.

The New Holiday Inn Express - Bridgwater
Zeal Hotels opened a new state of the art Holiday Inn Express and asked me to video the exciting new interior features.

Connect With Nature - WWF
A quick advert for social media to build intrigue into the new @connectwithnature.ae account and future adventures they would be hosting.

Address Downtown - Emaar Dubai
One wonderful night in this iconic 5-star hotel with the unbeatable view of Downtown Dubai.
The video was then featured on Emaar’s official Downtown Dubai Account with over 450k follower!

Year Abroad Vlogs | 2015 - 2016
When studying abroad in Arizona for a year I aimed to output a video a week, each containing a different adventure of aspect of life in the US. With my camera leading the way I not only explored the beautiful landscapes of Arizona, but also visited New York, Hawaii, Las Vegas and California. Capturing it all and sharing it weekly to my youtube channel, which accumulated 200,000 views.

Filmmaking Showreel
Featuring footage from travels in Slovenia, London, Oxfordshire as well as documentary and marketing videos.